From Literati to Digirati: The Experiences of College Freshmen

computer literacy assessment interview thematic analysis


  • Jennifer C. Lajera Faculty, Surigao del Sur State University,Surigao del Sur, Philippines
  • Rex Argate
    Faculty, College of Teacher Education, University of Cebu – Main, Cebu City, Philippines
  • Delfin T. Cabañero Faculty, College of Liberal Arts, University of Cebu – Main, Cebu City, Philippines
  • Rosella A. Villahermosa Faculty, Graduate School, University of Cebu – Main, Cebu City, Philippines
30 August 2021


The main intent of the study was to explore the experiences of first-year college students in their computer literacy subjects in their senior high school. Specifically, this study answered the following subproblems: the positive experiences of the informants in enhancing their academic performance through computers and the constraints they experienced in the implementation of the ICT curriculum during their senior high school.  This study employed a qualitative method of research with the aid of an interview guide to inquire about the students’ experiences in computers during their senior high school. Twenty informants were interviewed individually. The researcher utilized an interview guide and audiotaped with the informants' consent. Thematic analysis was utilized to interpret data and identify meaningful information and organize it into themes. Based on the findings, six themes emerged: Enhanced Learning in Microsoft Office Tools, Practical Application of Knowledge, Better Job Opportunities, Inadequate Number of Computers and Slow Internet Connectivity, Ineffective Teaching Strategies, and Unqualified Teachers.