ESL Teachers’ Readiness During Covid 19: Guglielmino Readiness Scale


  • Said Fathi Professor of linguistics at faculty of Letters and Humanities, Mohammedia, Hassan II university, Morocco
  • Aziz Moummou PhD. Candidate, Laboratory of Language, Literature and Translation, Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Mohammedia Hassan University, Morocco


Language policy, self-management, local agents, COVID 19, language management, Guglielmino readiness scale


The new line of research in language policy and planning acknowledges the importance of decentralized language policy decisions. There is widespread dissatisfaction with central governments' top-down approach, and it is time to redirect the wheels. Covid 19 imposed a hybrid education model in Morocco: teacher-directed versus self-directed learning. The purpose of this paper is to investigate ESL teachers’ readiness in sustaining a self-directed learning language policy using Guglielmino readiness scale. The results will sustain research in critical language policy and seek ways to involve teachers in policymaking.


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Fathi, S. . ., & Moummou, A. . (2021). ESL Teachers’ Readiness During Covid 19: Guglielmino Readiness Scale. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 3(4), 01-05.