Teaching English during COVID-19: Nepalese Teachers’ Voices



  • Hiralal Kapar MPhil Scholar, Kathmandu University, Nepal
  • Laxman Prasad Bhandari Assistant Professor, Lumbini Banijya Campus, Nepal


Challenges, learning opportunity, teaching online and virtual teaching


Paradigm has been shifted from face to face to online teaching and learning. This paper is written with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind where it delves into the opportunities and challenges faced by Nepalese teachers taking virtual classes in the context of Nepal. The major purpose of this study is to explore the Secondary English teachers’ experiences in teaching English during the pandemics. For this, we interviewed four teachers of the Kathmandu district who had been taking online classes. Their experiences were analyzed through a constructive approach. The findings suggested that the teachers were quite positive and optimistic towards teaching virtually despite the lack of adequate training, consistent internet services, regular power supply, and suitable devices. Further, it explored that the participants had taken the online mode of teaching as one of the best options as it opens several optimistic doors to both teachers and students though they realized that there were challenges to teaching virtually.


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Kapar, H. ., & Bhandari, L. P. . (2020). Teaching English during COVID-19: Nepalese Teachers’ Voices . Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics , 2(5), 76-81. https://doi.org/10.32996/jeltal.2020.2.5.8