The Importance of Teaching English for Medical Students in Kurdistan: A Critical Review

Medical students, medical lecturers, language obstacles, English as a foreign language, English curriculum


January 10, 2023


The significance of English in Kurdistan medical education for gathering information, pursuing information, and presenting research efforts to international audiences necessitates that programmes for teaching and learning English pay particular attention to the significance of English. This is required because of the importance of English is essential for the accumulation of knowledge, the pursuit of information, and the presentation of research efforts to international audiences. This is necessary because the importance of English cannot be overstated when it comes to the accumulation of knowledge, the quest for information, and the presentation of research efforts to audiences from across the world. Students interested in learning English as a second language will benefit from this review article since it explains several fundamental topics associated with teaching English for medical reasons and is thus recommended reading for such students. Reading this post benefits students interested in learning English as a second language and will help them in their studies. Some of the academic variables that have an impact include the promotion of instructors' understanding, the periodic updating of the English medical curriculum, and the value of reviewing the material, analyzing the needs of students, and evaluating the relevance of assessing the requirements of students. Other relevant elements are as follows: The research is brought to a close by the presentation of several recommendations that instructors of English as a foreign language (EFL) and other members of the Kurdish educational system might put into action to improve the level of English as EFL instruction that is provided within medical degree programmes in the region.