Promoting Oral Skills through Communicative Activities

Oral activities, Performance, English as Foreign Language.


  • Chiossa Luis Luis
    Lecturer of Teaching English as Foreign Language at Department of Social Science and Arts at Rovuma University – Niassa Extension, P.O Box: 544; Lichinga, Mozambique
July 1, 2021


“Promoting Oral Skills through Communicative Activities” is the title of the study carried out at Amizade secondary school, grade 12, day shift. It was observed that most grade 12 teachers did not give emphasis on oral activities in their lessons. The problem of not giving emphasis on communicative activities was identified during supervision of Teaching Practice III. Thus, the objectives of this research were to find out why most teachers of English at Amizade secondary school did not use communicative activities in English Language Teaching ( ELT); Describe the benefits of using oral activities in ELT at Amizade Secondary School; Analyse oral activities used by teachers at Amizade Secondary School; Propose simple ways of teachers get their students to communicate with each other in the classroom. Seventy-five students and two teachers were involved in the research process. In addition, it was also the aim of this study to familiarize teachers of English from Amizade Secondary School with the effectiveness of using oral activities in their English Language Classes. The researcher used a blending of qualitative and quantitative approaches and techniques and instruments, including direct classroom observation, two sets of a questionnaire consisting of the research instruments (the first was a questionnaire for teachers –qt; and the second was a questionnaire for students - qs). In this research, both open and closed questions were employed to discover why most teachers at Amizade Secondary school did not use communicative activities in their lessons.