Latest Issue

Vol. 5 No. 3: Journal of Economics, Finance and Accounting Studies

(May-June Issue, 2023) 

Published: 2023-04-28

Research Article

Tourism Growth and Financial Sector Development Nexus: Evidence from Selected African Economies

Saganga Kapaya, Thereza Israel Mugobi

Impact of COVID-19 on Philippines Tourism Industry: Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Implications

Heritier Kalonda

Applicability of Harrod-Domar Model in Explaining Economic Growth in the Philippines

Genesis A. Dumo, Harriette D. Ico, Ederliza V. Magpantay

The Role of Empowering Workers in Improving the Performance of Workers: A Field Study in Telecommunications Companies Operating in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq

Muhammad Khurshid Muhammad, Ramadan Khammakhem

Analysis of Audit Quality, Bonus Mechanism, and Company Size on Earning Management with Managerial Ownership as Moderating

Mohammad Akbar Kusuma, Melinda Malau

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment, Inflation, Labor Force, and Population on Improving Living Standards in the Philippines

Jica Anne Mary Sugui, Princess Mae Nazarene L. Montojo, Aurora Christi...

Effect of Liquidity, Asset Structure, Managerial Ownership and Growth Rate on Company Performance

Siti Chaerul Bariyyah, Melinda Malau

Cultural Cluster Development in the Yangtze River Delta: Realistic Bottlenecks, Driving Mechanisms, and Strategies

Huiying Wu, Sijie Lu, Yunzhi Lin

The Effect of Smart Negligence on the Accounting Credibility Information in Light of the Current Crises

Ahmad Jamil Mohammad Abdoh

Effect of Multiple Taxation on the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Yinka M. ADEWARA, Muyiwa Emmanuel DAGUNDURO, Gbenga Ayodele FALANA, Te...

Impact of Selected Macroeconomic Variables in Economic Growth: Empirical Study in the Philippines

John Robert Montances, Andrei Angelo Verano

Hedging Decision and Value of Public Companies Indexed at LQ45 Indonesia Stock Exchange

Mustaruddin Saleh

The Impact of Manufacturing, Investment, Labor Force and Technology on Economic Growth in Palestine

Flair J. Karaki

Trade Infrastructure and Export Competitiveness in the East African Community

Anthony OLyanga, Francis Muhire

Supervision of Village Financial Management in Bangka Selatan District Bangka Belitung Islands Province

Safrianto Putra

Artificial Intelligence and Service Quality of Telecommunication Firms in Nigeria

Temitayo BUSAYO, Olusola IGBEKOYI, Oluyinka OLUWAGBADE, Yinka ADEWARA,...

The Adoption of RFID for Military Logistics: Which Factors Do Matter in Taiwan?

Bang -Han Chiu, Shang-Chuan Shih