The Role of Empowering Workers in Improving the Performance of Workers: A Field Study in Telecommunications Companies Operating in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq

Empower Workers, Employee Performance, Telecommunications Companies


May 6, 2023


The study aims to identify the role of empowering workers in improving the performance of workers in telecommunications companies (Korek Telecom, Asia Cell, Zain Iraq) operating in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq, by answering the following question: (How can empowering workers improve institutional performance in companies Communications operating in the Kurdistan region?), due to the importance of the study variables, its contents and dimensions, a sample of workers who occupy administrative and technical positions in the companies surveyed were selected as the study community, and their number is (400) workers, and the questionnaire was distributed to them, from which (378) forms were retrieved The qualitative approach was adopted to study the latent variables, and it was also relied on the quantitative approach in analyzing data and data using the statistical program (SPSS V26) and (AMOS V26)، The results of the study found that there was  statistically significant effect at the level of significance (α ≤ 0.05) to empower workers with its dimensions: (participation of information, freedom and independence), in improving the performance of workers. To ensure their success in performing their duties at work.