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The Argonautic Expedition: The First Worldwide Naval Epic


  • Angelos Per. Psimopoulos Pharmacist MSc, Researcher and Author, National and Kapodistrial University of Athens, Greece, Riga Feraiou Str 204, 382 21 – Volos, Greece


The Greek mythology is widely acclaimed as one of the richest treasures of universal epics; the myth of the Argonautic Expedition is one of the most interesting Greek myths. Some scientific authorities hold the opinion that the story of the Argonauts was no more than an inspiring fairy-tale, while others insist, it was a real historical event. They believe that it took place in 1225 BC, and Colchis was a country located in the Caucasus Mountains, near today’s country of Georgia. After a life-long study of more than thirty years using ancient texts and information coming from nautical maps and geography, oceanography and other fields of science, we propose that the real events were quite different from the currently proposed location. The Argonauts, and ancient Greeks at large, wanted to find a sea route to transport silk textiles and new species from the Far East countries to Greece or at least to open the Overland Route leading from the Black Sea to the Far East. In addition, they wanted to transport to Greece silkworm eggs to cultivate silkworms in Greece and produce silk. They started their journey from Iolcus and travelled around the Globe; they reached Colchis, Aeëtes' land that was actually China. They took from China eggs of the wild Silkworm instead of the real one and, sailing through the Indian Ocean, reached Suez, where they were forced to pull their ship across the land to reach Tritonis Lake. From there, they exited into the Mediterranean and arrived at Iolcus, the city from which they started their journey. That journey was made by the Argonauts around 1510 BC. Presently, giving a plethora of bibliographic references, we shall carefully attempt to expose the real events that happened during those ancient times under the mission code name "transporting the Golden Fleece to Greece". We shall say, who did this perilous feat, when and where it happened, what was the real purpose of the Argonauts’ journey, which were the correct routes followed carefully by the Argonauts, what were the countries they crossed or visited and finally what the Argonauts accomplished with that journey.

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International Journal of Literature Studies

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Psimopoulos, A. P. (2021). The Argonautic Expedition: The First Worldwide Naval Epic. International Journal of Literature Studies, 1(1), 95–109.



Aeëtes, Apollonius Rhodius, Argonauts, Colchis, Golden Fleece, Iolcus, Jason, Minyans, Orpheus, Planctae Rocks, silk, Tritonis Lake, wandering rocks