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Vol. 5 No. 1: International Journal of Law and Politics Studies

(January-February Issue, 2023) In Progress ...

Published: 2023-01-01

Research Article

Reward and Punishment for Whistleblower and Justice Collaborator in Indonesia: A Regulatory Analysis

Mahrus Ali

Artificial Intelligence Crime within the Concept of Society 5.0: Challenges and Opportunities for Acknowledgment of Artificial Intelligence in Indonesian Criminal Legal System

Muhammad Oscar Dharma Putra Mulya, Mahrus Ali

Framing the Covid-19 Pandemic as a Force Majeure Clauses to Escape Debtor’s Liability

Eko Rial Nugroho, Mahrus Ali, Rohidin, Jawahir Thontowi, Karimatul Umm...

Regulation of Copyright Translation of Literature on Digital Platforms: A Comparative Study

Anisa 'Izzati, Budi Agus Riswandi, Karimatul Ummah

Harmonization and Implementation of Policies for Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic in Gresik Regency

Asluchul Alif, Radian Salman, Suparto Wijoyo, Rian Pramana Suwanda

The Legal Interpretation of the State of Musytari’s Force Majeure on the Murabahah: Financing Contract Post Presidential Decree No. 12 of 2020

Bagya Agung Prabowo, Nurjihad

Legal Policy and the Exemplary Growth of Islamic Banking Business: The Case of Malaysia

Agus Triyanta, Rusni Hassan, Mahrus Ali, Jawahir Thontowi

The Capability Approach: A Suitable Theoretical Framework to Improve Legal Protection of Domestic Workers in China

Chong Luo

Application of the Pacts Sunt Servanda Principles in the settlement of business Disputes through Arbitration

Dhaniswara K. Harjono

Legal Protection of Biological Resources and Its Ecosystems in Indonesia

Albert Riyadi, Sunardi, Joko Setiono

Legal Reconstruction of Loan; Consumer Protection Perspective

Aris Dwi Cahyanto, Sunardi, Joko Setiyono

Policies and Formulations of Legal Protection for Children against Violations of Children's Rights

Brimastya Paramadanys, Sularto, Joko Setiono

Juridical Review of the Principles of Police Coercion in Justice-Based Law Enforcement

Halin Aziz Firmansyah, Afif Mahmud, Joko Setiono

Corruption as a Violation of Human Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Human Rights Perspective

Hady Poerwanto, Joko Setiyono, Sunardi

Juridical Review of Penal Policy in Handling Narcotics in Indonesia

Ibnu Bagus, Joko Setiono, Sunardi

The Role and Authority of Komnas Ham in Handling, Violation and Protection of Human Rights

Eko Susanto, Budi Santoso, Joko Setiyono

Criminal Policy in Countering Terrorism in Indonesia

Juffandi, Lazarus Tri Setyawanta, Joko Setiono

Juridical Review of Law Enforcement against Criminal Acts in the Banking Sector

Donny Dwija Romansa, Budi Santoso, Joko Setiono

Legal Protection for the Public against the Circulation of Counterfeit Goods

Edo Damara Yudha, Budi Santoso, Joko Setiono

Online Buying and Buying Regulation Based on Law Number 8 Year 1999 Concerning Consumer Protection and Law Number 19 Year 2016 Regarding Amendment to Law Number 11 Year 2008 Concerning Electronic Information and Transactions

Iwan P Manurung, Budi Santoso, Joko Setiono

Cyber Child Grooming on Social Media: Understanding the Factors and Finding the Modus Operandi

Kurnia Dewi Anggraeny, Daffa Nugroho Ramadhan, Gatot Sugiharto, Mufti ...