Reward and Punishment for Whistleblower and Justice Collaborator in Indonesia: A Regulatory Analysis


  • Mahrus Ali
    Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
January 1, 2023


There might be possible risks or harms for persons who disclose criminal cases to public authorities. This must be followed by adequate legal protection. The law also provides a legal safeguard for those who give false testimony on certain persons or cases. This paper aims to examine legal provisions on reward and punishment for whistleblowers and justice collaborators in Indonesia and propose better adequate protection. This study is doctrinal legal research that relies on several legal norms as a primary source of information. The research finding revealed that existing legal norms for whistleblowers and justice collaborators are still inadequate due to their inability to motivate a person to report criminal cases to law enforcement officials. Therefore, they should get balanced treatment both in rewards and punishment to stir the cases and to prevent falsified testimony before a court that causes an adverse impact on others’ rights.