Latest Issue

Vol. 6 No. 4: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

(April Issue, 2023) 

Published: 2023-04-01

Research Article

Rhetorical Structure Theory: Towards Writing with a Sense of Purpose

Rajaa Rhandy, Khadija Anasse

An Ecological Discourse Analysis of Silent Spring from the Perspective of Corpus-based Attitude System: Human Image as an Example

Zhu Yitong

A Pragmatic Study on Request Behavior in Instant Message: On Characteristics and Validity

Xuan Liu, Qiang Wang

Nexus Analysis as a Tool for Investigation of Digital Literacy and Digital Competency in Using LMS Labeled to Unlock Textbook Taught at King Khalid University

Ayman Hamad Elneil Hamdan Abdala

Transformative Pedagogy towards Using Internet of Things in Teaching English at King Khalid University Context from Digital Native Perspective

Elsadig Ali Elsadig Elnadeef

Non-Conventional Spelling in Informal, Colloquial Arabic Writing on Facebook

Reima Al-Jarf

The Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Racial Identity: A Study of the Dramatic Arts in David Henry Hwang’s Yellow Face

Zhu Xiaoxin

Olive Symbolism in Palestinian and Spanish Poetry: A Comparative Study

Mohammad Daher Ababneh

Sacvan Bercovitch 's The Puritan Origins of the American Self (1975): Book Review

Baker Mohammad Jamil Banikhair, Imad Mohmmad Khawldeh, Omar Abudullah ...

A Pragmatic Analysis of Hedges in Silent spring under the Perspective of Adaptation Theory

Bing Zhao

A Study of Interactional Metadiscourse and Its Persuasive Function in Advertising Discourse

Xiaoxia Lai

An Exploration of the Time Element in the Linguistic Landscape and Reconstructing Culture: The Case of Langtou Village in China

Jiali Zhong, Huiping Wei

Language Use and Claimed Proficiency of Saudi Students at Undergraduate Level Spoken in Asir Region of Saudi Arabia

Neelofar hussain Wani, Sarwat Un Nisa, Narasimha Raju Prathikantam

Social and Political Corruption in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart (1958): A Critical Study

Baker Mohammad Jamil Bani-Khair, Mohamad Helmi Al Ahmad, Majed AbdulKa...

A Relevance-theoretic Approach to Multimodal Discourse Analysis: A Case Study of Emoji Advertising

Fulin Lai

Epistemic Modality through the Use of Adjectives in George W. Bush in Selected Speeches: Urging Countries around the World to Join the War in Iraq

Yasir Ahmed Mohammed Rdiha Alsbbagh, Imran Ho Abdullah

Precarity and Struggles of Employment: A Case Study of Undergraduates in Hong Kong

Shuk Ling Cheng, Aigerim Kubanychbekova

English as a Social Media Lingua Franca among Georgian Social Media Users

Tamar Dundua

Addressing Global Challenges from a Linguistic Perspective

Gilbert Tagne Safotso, Nguafac Julius

A Comparative Study of Silent Spring and A Sand County Almanac under Ecocriticism Theory

Chuyi Zhang

Identity Crisis of Tionghoa Ethnic in the Novel Naga Kuning by Yusiana Basuki

Faika Burhan, Rasiah, Nurlailatul Qadriani, Islahuddin, Fina Amalia Ma...

Standard of Coherence in the Translated Texts: A Textlinguistic Contrastive Analysis

Noah Lawal Jinadu