Deictic Expressions and their Contribution to Create a Viewpoint in Discourse

Deixis, Person Deictic, Temporal Deictic, Spatial Deictics, Vocative Element.


  • Mariam Albadi
    Assistant Professor of Narrative and Literary Criticism, Arabic Department, University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman
May 12, 2023


his paper provides an overview of the main three deictic expression categories, which are: person deictics, temporal deictics, and spatial deictics. It will explain their forms, meaning and their relationship to the speech reference. It will argue that there are a certain class of expressions in Arabic which can be considered in their linguistics usage as spatial deixis. This class of words is known as ‘‘The Vocative/ Call Elements’’ (أدوات النداء). Therefore, this paper attempts to answer these questions: What is a deictic expression? What is a deictic centre? What are The Vocative Elements in Arabic? How can they be considered as a category of linguistics deictic expression? and how can a deictic expression be applied to create a particular point of view in discourse? These main points will be considered through the discussion. A variety of different examples will be quoted or created alongside the theoretical discussion in order to clarify these mentioned points.