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The Dominance of Subconscious Thinking in Shireihou's Novel Obsessive Loves


  • Anis Surya Trisanti Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Faculty of Language, Arts and Culture, Graduate School, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta 55281, INDONESIA
  • Anwar Efendi Jl. Colombo Yogyakarta No.1, Karang Malang, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Women are the most potential victims of sexual harassment. What is often overlooked in the issue of sexual harassment is the psychological condition of women. Women victims of sexual harassment should get special attention from the surrounding environment because victims will experience trauma. One of the traumas that can be experienced by female victims of sexual abuse is traumatic pistanthrophobia. Pistanthrophobia is an excessive fear of trusting others. This study aims to determine the personality characteristics of female characters who experience traumatic pistanthrophobia psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud in the novel Obsessive Loves by Shireishou. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The data collection techniques used are tapping techniques and recording techniques. Researchers will tap into the meaning of Shireishou's novel Obsessive Loves by reading it carefully and repeatedly. The results of this study show that the personality characteristics of Syaira characters are seen in two aspects, namely, the dominance of subconscious thinking and the meaning of dreams. The dominance of subconscious thinking makes Syaira often hallucinate, daydream excessively, and ignore others. The sexual incident committed by his uncle to Syaira had a big impact on Syaira'smindset.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

6 (5)





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Trisanti, A. S., & Efendi, A. (2023). The Dominance of Subconscious Thinking in Shireihou’s Novel Obsessive Loves. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 6(5), 78–87.