Analysis of Personal Traits in 16 Omani English Language School Textbooks

Content analysis; feminist traits; gender balance; personal traits


August 3, 2022


This paper aims to analyze 16 English language school textbooks used in the Omani government schools. Quantitative and qualitative content analyses are used to investigate personality traits found in the textbooks. The analysis included all personal traits implied by images and texts in the textbooks. According to Hawkins’s (2007) classification of personal traits, personal traits are examined: traditional and feminist gender traits. The study results have indicated that there is a balanced representation of males and females in terms of personal traits. The study has also shown that the majority of masculine personal traits are stereotypical. Females were portrayed in different situations that conveyed masculine and feminine traits. Males were portrayed as risk-takers, self-reliant, nurturing, adventurous, decisive, competitive, and aggressive. Females were portrayed in a variety of personal traits such as nurturing, understanding, affectionate, risk-taker, self-reliant, competitive, aggressive, adventurous, and decisive.