Analysis of Pragmatic Failure and Strategies in Cross-cultural Communication

Pragmatic failure, intercultural communication, pragmatics


  • Lan Ding
    Postgraduate Student, School of Foreign Languages, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Gansu, China
May 1, 2022


With the advent of globalization and informatization, cross-cultural communication has become more and more common, followed by the emergence of pragmatic failure. The existence of pragmatic failure will lead to the occurrence of communication barriers and the appearance of communication conflicts. Therefore, the systematic study of it has become a very meaningful topic, which has strong practical value in modern linguistics. This paper analyzes the pragmatic failure in cross-cultural communication, discusses the types of pragma-linguistic failure and socio-pragmatic failure, and proposes measures to avoid pragmatic failure in cross-cultural communication in order to avoid them and achieve successful communication.