Opinions of the Fourth Year Students in English Department about Moodle Platform

Moodle Platform, advantages, disadvantages


May 1, 2022


This study aims to identify the fourth stage students' perspectives on Moodle Platform. In order to achieve the above aim, a questionnaire has been constructed. It contains (17) items. This questionnaire has been exposed to a jury of experts in the field of English teaching methods to show its validity and reliability. The reliability of the questionnaire is ensured by applying the spilt-half method. It yields (0.90). The fourth stage English language students of the English department/ college of Basic Education academic year 2020-2021 are chosen. The results showed that the students' perspective about "Moodle Platform" was negative towards most items considered as disadvantages, whereas the students' perspective about "Moodle Platform" was positive towards the rest items which are considered as advantages. In the light of the obtained results, recommendations and suggestions for further studies are introduced.