Patriarchic Ideology in Rajni Sari's Novel by Andry Chang: Critical Discourse Analysis Study

Critical Discourse Analysis, Patriarchal ideology, Norman Fairclough


April 20, 2022


Patriarchal ideology is the root of male domination over women. The ideology in the novel greatly determines the position or position of a woman. This research aims to reveal how the practice of patriarchal ideology in the novel. The approach used is Norman Fairclough's critical discourse analysis model. The results of this research indicate that patriarchal ideology operates through the use of words in the text. The content or teachings in the text show the influence of a strong patriarchal ideology. Although it contains support for the patriarchal system, the content of the text also shows complexity. On the one side, this text supports the patriarchal system. On the other side, this text also shows the aspect of taking sides with women, the influence of patriarchal ideology. The data source in this research is the novel Rajni Sari by Andry Chang.