Identifying Causes of Pragma-linguistic Difficulties in Translating the Embedded Meanings of the Quranic Love Words into English: A Comparative Interdisciplinary Study

The Holy Quran; pragma-linguistic; love word; difficulties, interdisciplinary


  • Ali Albashir Mohammed Alhaj
    Department of English, College of Science and Arts, King Khalid University, Dhahran Aljanoub, Abha, Saudi Arabia
April 7, 2022


The current research paper aims at identifying the pragma-linguistic difficulties faced by the translators of the meaning of the Holy Qura’n whilst rendering the Quranic love words into English, specifically in the work of Mohammed. A. S. Abdel Haleem, Mohammed. M Pickthall and Mohammed Khan and Mohammed Taj Al-Din Al-Hilali. Also, the study aims to identify the translation strategies adopted by the three translators in renderings the Quranic love words into English. Also, the study intends to prospect how the three translators come to grips with pragma-linguistic difficulties in their renderings of the Quranic love words into English. Three examples of the Quranic love words were intendedly selected to tackle the research problems. The study revealed that translating the Quranic love words is even more difficult than translating love words in other genres because of the religious genre. Also, the study showed that translating the embedded meanings in the Quranic texts is not quite easy. This is because Qur'anic love words involve very ingenious differences in meaning that are difficult to understand.

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