Emerging Netspeak Word Choices in Social Media on Filipino Pop Culture

Netspeak word choice lexical patterns pop culture social media accounts Internet linguistics


  • Camille Monderin
    Graduate Student, Centro Escolar University (CEU), Manila, Philippines
  • Mildred B. Go Graduate School Professorial Lecturer, Centro Escolar University (CEU), Manila, Philippines
June 30, 2021


The emergence of the Internet gave birth to a new form of language that is unique to the users of the network. Netspeak is the language of the Internet and has adapted the features of both speaking and writing, however, Netspeak has its own unique characteristics as well. This study aimed to find the emerging lexical patterns of Netspeak as used by Filipinos, the extent of use of Netspeak in three most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as various domains of pop culture (entertainment, politics, fashion and sports) and its implications to the language studies in the Philippines. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used in this study. The corpora of the study were gathered from two months’ worth of social media activities focusing on the comments in the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of selected public figures. The findings showed that the emerging lexical patterns of Netspeak were abbreviations and homophones and that social media platforms and pop culture domains affect the use of Netspeak features. The platform and domain that got the highest extent of usage of Netspeak lexical features were Twitter and Politics respectively. The results of this study will help in understanding the language that is used in the Internet as well as raise awareness that this kind of language exists.