Criteria for Authorship

Updated July 2021

Anyone listed as an author on the International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation (IJLLT) manuscript submission must meet the following criteria:

1. They have made substantial intellectual contributions to some components of the original work described in the manuscript; and
2. They have participated in drafting and/or revision of the manuscript and
3. They are aware the manuscript has been submitted for publication; and
4. They agree to be held accountable for any issues relating to the correctness or integrity of the work

IJLLT requires that all published papers include the names, affiliations where the research took place, and email addresses of all authors listed on the paper, as well as provide accurate contact information to IJLLT as required in the IJLLT rights contract. IJLLT does not allow anonymous authors, and any papers published in the IJLLT Digital Library without author names, affiliations, and email addresses may be retracted by IJLLT. IJLLT authors have published under actual pen names using “independent consultant” as the author's listed affiliation, but even under such circumstances, IJLLT must be provided with accurate contact information for such authors using a pen name, so that IJLLT will be able to reach all authors of published papers.

Other contributors may be acknowledged at the end of the paper, before the bibliography, with explicitly described roles, preferably using the roles found in the CASRAI Contributor Roles Taxonomy at