Duality in Hamlet's Character: Good and Evil Nature

Hamlet’s character Duality Hamlet in Hamlet good evil Hero Villain


February 15, 2023


Duality means having an opposite or contrasting quality or characteristic. Duality in Hamlet's character means that he possesses a certain quality or characteristic in his action, while in the same action, he conveys a completely opposite quality or characteristic. Shakespeare mysteriously creates his characters in his play: Hamlet, a character in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, conveys contrasting stable dual qualities – good and evil nature – that make him both hero and villain. Throughout the play, his actions portray his courage, sacrifice, nobility, moral integrity, and determination, as well as his pride, vindictiveness, ambition, indifference, and unholiness. The author thoroughly read the play and studied the character intensively. The article focuses on the duality – opposite balanced characteristics – of Hamlet, which makes the audience pliable with his completely contradictory characteristics of him.