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Use of Charades in Enhancing Higher Institute Students’ Speaking Skills


  • DALVINDER KAUR A/P KOLDIP SINGH Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,Bangi, Malaysia
  • Azlina Abdul Aziz Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Bangi


English speaking skill is one of the most challenging skills that has to be taught by teachers, and there are many factors affecting students' low speaking proficiency. Hence, charades are implemented in this study. The purpose of this research is to study the improvement of English-speaking skills among college students through implementing Charades in the classroom. This study consists of two objectives. The first objective is to determine the effectiveness of charades in improving learners’ speaking skills, and the second objective is to investigate learners’ perception of charades. This study involves 18 students from Chenderoh Community College. Charades were implemented in their speaking lessons. This is single-group quasi-experimental research. Data was collected through pre and post-test and questionnaire. Speaking scores were analyzed through paired T-test. After the data analysis, there is a significant difference between pre and post-test. Students showed a positive perception of charades.

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International Journal of English Language Studies

Volume (Issue)

3 (4)





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SINGH, D. K. A. K. ., & Abdul Aziz, A. (2021). Use of Charades in Enhancing Higher Institute Students’ Speaking Skills. International Journal of English Language Studies, 3(4), 15–38.



Charades, Language games, fluency, accuracy, ESL learners