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The Impact of Spiritual Formation on Young People in Catholic Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe


  • Meshack Muderedzwa Catholic University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe


The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of spiritual formation on Catholic young people in Catholic secondary schools in Zimbabwe. The study seeks to determine the spiritual maturity of young people. The data collection instrument that is used is a questionnaire. The survey is distributed to students who are enrolled in Catholic secondary schools in selected boarding or day schools around the provinces. A sample of 70 students was randomly selected on the basis that they were Catholic. The survey asked the students questions regarding their spirituality (one’ spiritual life) and understanding thereof of spirituality in a Roman Catholic Christian context. Analysis of the survey data is done statistically using SPSS v28.0, and the survey results are reported. The major findings of the inquiry are: First, it is noted that most young people were not entirely familiar with basic scriptures about their discipleship with the Lord. Second, the young people have faith in God as they understand why they need to go to Church voluntarily and not just go as a school requirement. Third, it is not clearly determined whether or not the word they know was solely gained as a product of their school activities or from their family backgrounds at home. Fourth, it can be concluded that the spiritual formation of some young people is also attributed to the Catholic education they received at the schools since Catholic schools’ programmes are designed to address that gap. The major findings of this study showed commitment on the part of young people to a pathway of discipleship of Jesus Christ. The findings also informed on issues affecting the spiritual formation of the young people in Catholic schools, bearing in mind that ‘it is not him that willeth, nor him that runneth, but it is God that sheweth mercy’ (Romans 9:16).

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International Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies

Volume (Issue)

3 (1)





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Muderedzwa, M. (2023). The Impact of Spiritual Formation on Young People in Catholic Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies, 3(1), 13–23.



Faith, Education, Catholic education, Catholic school, Spiritual formation, Spiritual development, Catholic youth, Catholic young people, Spiritual life, Discipleship