Numerical Statements of the Holy Quran Based on Verses, Words, and Letters in Makki and Madani Sura

The Holy Quran, Verses, Words, Letters, Frequency Distribution


  • Md. Rashidul Hasan
    Assistant Professor (Statistics), Department of Public Health, Leading University, Sylhet-3112, Bangladesh
  • Fazly Ealahi Mamun Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Leading University, Sylhet-3112, Bangladesh
September 29, 2022


Thy Quran is such a Holy book that has several purposes and objectives for different people. The main objective of this study is to provide numerical statements of the Holy Quran based on verses, words, and letters in Makki and Madani sura. The study intended to compute several descriptive statistics, construct frequency distribution and present it graphically. The data used in this study were extracted from Quran Code software. The result of the study found that the average number of verses, words, and letters in Madani sura is higher than the Makki sura though the number of Makki sura is higher than the Madani sura. The number of verses, words, and letters per Makki and Madani sura is exponentially declining. The first Arabic letter A-lif(ا) occurs at maximum times, and another Arabic letter Dh-aa(ظ) occurs at minimum times than all other letters in both Makki and Madani sura.