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Vol. 2 No. 1: International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies

January-June Issue, 2022

Published: 2022-01-13

Research Article

Political Conflict between the DKI Jakarta Governor and DPRD in the 2015 APBD Determination Process

Zainul Djumadin

The Relationship between Conflict and Social Change in the Perspective of Expert Theory: A Literature Review

Iskandarsyah Siregar, Zulkarnain

Research on the Display of City Image in Macau Light and Shadow Festival

Feng Wenying, Zhang Hengtong

Mathematics Learning in the New Normal Through Teacher-Created Videos: The Freshmen University Students’ Experience

Jahfet Nabayra

Description and Analysis of the Competence and Performance of Mathematics Teachers during the COVID 19 Pandemic: A Study Conducted in Gorontalo City

Sarson W. J. Pomalato, Arfan Arsyad

Exploring Mentees’ Needs from a Mentoring Program: Towards the Development of a Mentoring Toolkit

Amabel Tangco-Siason, Jan Iris Faye Magramo-Basbas, Hilda Clavel Monta...

PollEv Application as Web-Based Audience Response System and Digital Learning Delivery Management Tool for Tech-Voc Programs

Arvin Malayas, Rex Paulino, Nordy Siason Jr.

Implementation of Restorative Justice with Obligation of Reversal Burden of Proof as an Attempt to Restitute State Losses for Justice in the Crime of Money Laundering with Predicate Crime of Corruption

Adek Junjunan Syaid

Analysis and Research on Space Syntax in Urban Heritage Building: the Conservatório de Macau as an Example

Yile Chen, Junzhang Chen, Liang Zheng

University Campus Architects and Their Influences from the Perspective of Bibliometrics

Jiayue Fan, Yile Chen

Flooding Problem and Optimization Strategies in High-density Coastal Cities from the Perspective of Green Development: The Macau Peninsula as an Example

Huiyu Zhu, Yuqiang Mo

A Brief Analysis of Dunhuang Culture and the Aesthetic Appropriateness of Preschool Education

Yihan He, Shenke Chu

Contribution of Applied Arts in Child-art Education: A Practice of Creativity for Educators

Akram Dehghanifilabadi, Musdi bin HJ. Sahanat

Social Movement of English Civil Society in The Collapse of Rana Plaza Garment in Bangladesh

Aos Yuli Firdaus, Ajeng Rizqi Rahmanillah2

Creativity and its Psychological Traits in Emily Dickinson’s and Anne Sexton’s Selected Poems

Ali Sameer, Hasan Hadi Ali