Mathematics Learning in the New Normal Through Teacher-Created Videos: The Freshmen University Students’ Experience

teacher-created videos online learning YouTube videos new normal mathematics education


January 19, 2022


This qualitative study aimed to describe the experiences of freshmen university non-mathematics, major students on the use of teacher-created videos uploaded on YouTube in learning mathematics in the new normal. The researcher utilized an open-ended interview questionnaire through google form to gather qualitative data, which were analyzed through thematic analysis. Twenty randomly selected students from a State University in the Philippines participated in the study. The study revealed that the students' experiences on the use of teacher-created videos in learning mathematics online exemplified that the videos were comprehensive, versatile and student-friendly, have implied the virtual presence of the teacher, and fitted to new normal learning. Hence, teacher-created videos are indeed helpful for the students to reflect on their learning progress through self-assessment as one of the features of the videos, making mathematics learning flexible in terms of time and place, and personalizing mathematics learning through the social and virtual presence of the teacher despite the pandemic.