The Relationship between Conflict and Social Change in the Perspective of Expert Theory: A Literature Review

Conflict, Social change, relationship, expert theory


January 13, 2022


Conflict and social change are a couple that influences each other. Conflict inevitably drives social change. Social changes also inevitably lead to conflict. These conditions can manifest in large or small sizes. Every society that exists on this earth in their life will certainly experience what is called changes. The existence of these changes will be known if we compare by examining society at a particular time which we then compare with the state of society in the past. Changes that occur in society are a continuous process. This situation means that every society will, in fact, experience changes. This study aims to collect argumentative views on the relationship between conflict and social change. The conclusions of this study have a significant impact in providing illustrations and projections of what social situations occur before and after conflicts or social changes occur. This research is a discourse relation analysis research. This type of research analyzes the relationship between two or more variables and then describes each contextual factor. This study concludes that the argumentative view of implying and exposing the relationship of conflict to social change is vital and sensitive.