The Cultivation Path of New Professional Farmers: A Grounded Theory Research Based on Field Data in Western Hunan

Western Hunan; Emerging Professional Farmers; Grounded Theory


  • Xiaofei Ma
    Lecturer, XiangXi Vocational and Technical College for Nationalities, Xiangxi, China
September 12, 2022


"New type of professional farmers" is a research hotspot in the current "Three Rural Issues" and an important issue in the study of farmers' sustainable development. In order to better provide a clear path analysis for the cultivation of "new professional farmers" in ethnic areas. Using exploratory research to conduct in-depth interviews with 36 farmers participating in the training and management training personnel, based on the grounded theory to theoretically construct the specific content of "new professional farmers training", to answer the new professional farmers in ethnic areas using the Xiangxi region as field data Where to nurture? This will help enhance the confidence in revitalizing peasant talents in rural areas in ethnic areas and then establish a new model for cultivating peasant talents in rural areas.