The Study of Environment and Plant Landscape of the Garden of Mountain Russa (Jardim Municipal da Montanha Russa) in Macau

Environment Plant Landscape Garden of Mountain Russa Macau


August 10, 2022


Garden of Mountain Russa (Jardim Municipal da Montanha Russa) is a municipal park built in the 19th century in Macau. Because it was located on the edge of the city at the initial stage of construction, near the cemetery, it gradually became abandoned. However, 40 years ago, it was renovated and opened to the public. It belongs to a small-scale hill-type park in a high-density city and has robust research significance for the early native tree species in Macau. The objective of the study is to analyze the environment and plant configuration of small municipal parks in a high-density city and Macau with limited land resources. The results of the study revealed common planting patterns in small municipal parks of mountain type and seasonal analysis of native tree species and plants in Macau. However, due to the problems of diseases and insect pests and improper human handling in the current plant landscape environment, three corresponding solutions were proposed at last.