Biocidal Action of Sunflower Oil Based Soaps towards Bread Mould

soap, sunflower oil, bread, mould


  • Donyo Ganchev
    Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology, Town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
July 7, 2022


The antifungal action of soaps prepared from sunflower oil (pure and amended with various organic materials) was examined towards bread mould.   The results show that at 2-2.5 % percent concentration, pure (without any amendment) sunflower oil-based soap can completely block the development of mould on bread, just like 70 % ethanol solution. Amendment of the soap with different organic materials like dry shells from  Rapana venosa, dry mapple leaves, dry olive pits, and so on can cause differences in the action of the soap towards mould. The highest effectiveness was observed in the soaps enhanced with Rapana venosa dry shells and dry pumpkin seeds.