English for IT purposes: Moroccan Ethical Hackers as a Case Study




English for IT purposes, English for Ethical Hackers, Morocco


This paper seeks to discuss the theme of English for IT purposes. In particular, this research article aims to highlight the role that English language might play for the cybersecurity experts.  Two research objectives were fixed. First, to explore Moroccan cybersecurity specialists' attitudes towards learning English; and second, to sift the learning strategies Moroccan ethical hackers use in order to learn English. In terms of the angle from which the topic was addressed, a mixed design approach was deployed. A questionnaire was designed and administered among 55 participants. The results of the study revealed that Moroccan ethical hackers reflected that they are alert towards the necessity of learning English via both their convictions as well as the learning strategies that they use. In light of the findings, some implications are given.


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Benchekroune, L. (2020). English for IT purposes: Moroccan Ethical Hackers as a Case Study. International Journal of English Language Studies, 2(5), 39-43. https://doi.org/10.32996/ijels.2020.2.5.5