The Interpretation of Deixis in Cognitive Linguistics: A Literature Review

Deixis; cognitive linguistics; spatiotemporal; demonstrative pronoun


  • Jin Yuan
    School of English Studies, Xi’an International Studies University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China
March 31, 2023


This paper studied deixis in cognitive linguistics, and mainly introduced three types of deixis: spatio-temporal; knowledge-related; empathy. On the basis, the literature on this topic in recent years was reviewed relying on China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and Web of Science. The findings are: the deixis represented by "这" and "那" and "this" and "that" are related to the distance of psychological space rather than only physical space; the emerging study like children's deixis and the combination of deixis with sign language has been developing gradually. More cross-field or other empirical studies will attract more researchers to conduct in the future.