A Study of Generic Structure Potential in Select Sermons of Reverend E.M.F Oshoffa

Keyword: Sermons; CCC; GSP, White Garment Church; Discourse


July 1, 2021


This research aimed to examine the obligatory and optional linguistic elements, the generic structure, and the pragmatic imports of the linguistic elements identified in Reverend EMF Oshoffa's sermons. Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa is selected out of many white garment Churches because of the large audience that listens to him as the Supreme Head of Celestial Church of Christ worldwide. In this study, we purposely studied thirty-two (32) excerpts selected from Reverend EMF Oshoffa's sermons through participants and non-participant observations. The findings revealed the GSP catalogue for Reverend EMF Oshoffa as [P]^ [S]^ (DoP)^ [Se]^ {(CfC)^ (WtF)}^ [F].The elements generated in the catalogue include: prayer P, Song S, Greeting G,  Declaration of Purpose DoP, Sermon Se, Call for Confession CfC, Welcome to the Fold WtF, and Finis F. While DoP, CfC and WtF are optional, the remaining ones (P, S, G,Se and F) are obligatory. The findings revealed that most registers used in patterning CCC sermons feature 'angelic registers' whose meanings cannot be traced to any world languages, but their meanings can be inferred from the context of use. Notable registers of the sermon featured El-beraca-bered-Eli, Elmorijah, Elohimjah, and Eli-Bamah-Yabah. The paper concluded that the elements of GSP catalogued here are typical of CCC sermonic discourse. Therefore, it is suggested that future research could apply this model to other sermonic discourse of other denominations, most especially White Garment Church such as Cherubim and Seraphim, to further test its validity.