Latest Issue

Vol. 4 No. 1: International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies

(January-March, 2024) 

Published: 2024-01-05

Research Article

Innovative Application of the Artistic Modeling of Ancient Chinese Astronomical Instruments in Modern Design: A Case Study of the Armillary Sphere

Shu-yue Li

Hand and Eye: Study on the Relationship between Painting and Photography from Benjamin's Perspective

Lei Yuan

Narrative Innovation in Chinese Mythological Animation within the Context of Traditional Culture

Yue Wan

Viewing the Characteristics of Chinese Landscape Painting from Guo Xi’s “San Yuan Method”

Qi Fan

Comparative Study of the Pop Music Industry in China and the United States

Huaming Tong, Qingqing Feng

Balancing Acts: Exploring the Intersection of Cultural Understanding and Technical Support in Local Government Strategies for Immigrant Micro-Financing

Md Eyasin Ul Islam Pavel, Shamim Ara Pia

Level of Compliance with the University Policies on Appearance and Discipline among College Students of the University of Cebu-Main Campus

Pedro O. Quiñal Jr. , Rulthan Sumicad, Maria Gemma Geraldizo-Pabriga

Do Governance Structures Matter to Service Provision?

Md Eyasin Ul Islam Pavel

Derivation of Verbs from Loanwords in Arabic According to Arabic Derivational Paradigms

Reima Al-Jarf

The Construction of Sponge Public Space in Child-Friendly Cities - Takes the Waterfront of Macao as the Prospect

Jialong Li

Natural Disaster Mitigation in Jeneponto Regency Indonesia: A Sociology Perspective

Ibnu Hajar, Syamsu Andi Kamaruddin, Firdaus W. Suhaeb, Rahmat Muhammad