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Passionate Online Shoppers



This study provided a thorough analysis of the factors that influence online shoppers, the challenges they face in being passionate about online shopping, and the coping mechanisms for dealing with the challenges met. The phenomenological approach was used in this study as a qualitative research technique. The participants were selected using purposive sampling. The open-ended, semi-structured questions developed by the researchers were used to collect data during interviews. The qualitative data were analyzed using Brikci and Green's (2007) thematic approach. From the transcription of the in-depth interview, codes, significant statements, formed meanings, cluster themes, and emergent themes were found and retrieved. The participants' responses revealed eleven (11) emergent themes, which were divided into three (3) overarching themes that offered solutions to the sub-problems of the study. For the factors that influence the passionate online shoppers, the overarching theme Factors that Influence the Participants Passionate Online Shoppers has four (4) emergent themes classified as Psychological Factors, Marketing Factors, Social Factors, and Convenience. The challenges brought about by being a passionate online shopper with the overarching theme Challenges Met by the Participants Brought by being a Passionate Online Shopper have three (3) emergent themes classified as Overspending, Financial Problems, and Distraction. For the coping mechanism, the overarching theme was the Coping Mechanism of the Participants on the Challenges Met, which has three (3) emergent themes classified as Self-Assessment, Budgeting, and Uninstalling and Deleting Apps.

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International Journal of Asian and African Studies

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2 (2)





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Pagobo , M. C. P., Sumicad, R., Arciete, D. C., Salve, J. D., Marabiles, K., & Rivera, C. (2023). Passionate Online Shoppers. International Journal of Asian and African Studies, 2(2), 01–26.


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