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Theorizing Filipino Pedagogical Beliefs: Narratives of Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Before and After Teaching Immersion


  • Maria Talitha Estrella L. Borines Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines; Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines
  • Arlyn C. Marasigan College of Graduate Studies and Teacher Education Research, Philippine Normal University, Philippines


The purpose of this paper is to examine selected preservice elementary teachers' pedagogical beliefs before and after the teaching immersion program using Calderhead's Five Aspects of Pedagogical Beliefs. It aims to uncover meaningful experiences, challenges, and factors that contributed to the change in preservice teachers' pedagogical beliefs. This study employed a qualitative narrative research design with six preservice elementary teachers. The data revealed that the preservice teachers' beliefs significantly changed after the teaching immersion program. The factors contributing to their changes were time constraints, classroom management, and pedagogical responsibilities. However, two factors transcended Calderhead’s framework. Thus, the development of an enhanced framework, Seven Aspects of Pedagogical Beliefs, to include the participants’ beliefs on school culture and mentoring practices. The results of the study provide the pedagogical beliefs, meaningful experiences, challenges, and changes in pedagogical beliefs of pre-service teachers. However, the study is limited to Bachelor of Elementary Education. The study reveals that quality education in teacher education could be furthered through curriculum changes; therefore, it is critical to investigate how pedagogical beliefs influence preservice teachers' classroom decisions. This study uses a qualitative approach to provide a comprehensive picture of preservice teachers' pedagogical beliefs. Given that their beliefs differed before and after their teaching immersion, it is vital to provide new insights into the factors causing this difference.

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British Journal of Teacher Education and Pedagogy

Volume (Issue)

3 (1)





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Borines, M. T. E. L., & Marasigan, A. C. (2024). Theorizing Filipino Pedagogical Beliefs: Narratives of Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Before and After Teaching Immersion. British Journal of Teacher Education and Pedagogy, 3(1), 45–57.



Teacher education, pre-service teachers, pedagogical beliefs, teaching immersion program, sustainable education