Developing Intermediate School Students’ Creative Thinking in (EFI) English for Iraq

Communicative approach, a project of writing, productive process.


  • Nihad Hasan Al-Ogaily
    Assist. Inst. at Iraqi Ministry of Education, Directorate of Education, Dhi Qar Governorate, Al-Nasr City, Iraq
March 2, 2022


Creativity is defined as the screen that shows the hidden ideas of the human mind. It is the product of deep thinking about a specific problem or thing, which has different faces, the most important of which is writing. Writing is a skill of producing creative texts without grammatical mistakes using an attractive style with poetic or rhetorical language, i.e. it translates students’ imaginations and thoughts on papers. Iraqi Ministry of Education is one of the educational institutions that is interests in developing students’ creativity using many techniques. Therefore, the ministry makes many changes to its educational programs, such as the English curriculum. The new curriculum is called English for Iraq (EFI). The current paper depends on qualitative methods of research to seek how the technique of EFI of the intermediate schools develops students’ creative thinking by using writing skills as a creative means that produces three books: scrapbook, school magazine and collection of short stories. The researcher focuses on the three books of the intermediate stage, which are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd intermediate.