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Golf and Science


  • Ruhaan Batta IBDP Student, High School Senior; Bangalore International School, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Golf is often seen as a leisurely sport and is considered to be the most popular outdoor sport. Most importantly, Golf is a remarkable fusion of art and science. This research explores the profound scientific understandings that govern the dynamics of golf, from the physics of ball flight to the biomechanics of the swing. It delves into the intricacies of golf equipment design, the influence of weather conditions, and the impact of golf on physical and mental well-being. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature and empirical studies, this research signifies the fusion of golf and science, offering a holistic understanding of this age-old game's modern facets. The paper concludes by shedding light on the potential of golf as a platform for understanding the dynamics behind the sport and its contributions to the wider domain of sports science.

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Journal of Sports and Physical Education Studies

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3 (3)





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Batta, R. (2023). Golf and Science. Journal of Sports and Physical Education Studies, 3(3), 07–23.



Golf, Science, Sports, Club Anatomy, Flex