Attention Focus and its Relationship to some Basic Skills of the Diyala University Soccer Team Player for Futsal

Attention focus, Basic skills, Futsal


January 5, 2023


The research aims to identify the relationship between attention focus and its relationship to some basic skills of the players of the Diyala University football team for futsal through attention focus as an indicator of the level of performance of basic skills. The researchers used the descriptive approach due to its suitability to the nature of this research. This research was conducted on a sample that was chosen by the intentional method and consisted of (20) players from the Diyala University futsal team, where the researchers used the attention focus test form (network test) to measure the quality of attention focus in the research sample. The researcher used the scoring and handling skills test, and after conducting the exploratory experiment on the university team players, who consisted of (5) players outside the research sample, and after processing the results, the research resulted in a positive correlation between the attention focus test and the handling and scoring skills. Attention focus (network test), using a training program to focus attention due to its great importance in some of the basic skills of futsal, conducted similar studies in games that require focus and accuracy to determine the players' ability.