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Study on Influence of Macro-trauma Injuries on the Psychology of a Sportsman


  • Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Khan Lecturer, Ad-Din Women's Medical College & Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Md. Wahidur Rahman Khan Institute of Social Welfare & Research, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Kona Basak Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University, Bangladesh


This study presents the influence of macro trauma also known as a large-scale injury on the psychology of a sportsman, which may have been happening over some time going before the certified affirmation that injury is obvious. By macro trauma sports injury, individual, and social qualities, may compellingly affect the harmed sportsmen. Wounds, while ideally rare, are regularly an unavoidable piece of game support. While most macro-trauma injury wounds can be dealt with practically zero disturbance in-game support and different exercises of everyday living, some force a significant physical and mental weight. An idiopathic etiology where the purpose behind brokenness is dark may extend vibes of disappointment, shock, and distress, especially if the hurt contender cannot promptly the point of convergence of recuperation, besides, set conspicuous destinations. For the study of the cases, convenience sampling is applied for selecting focus-group participants and for interviews 40 were approached and asked for their participation according to their availability. The findings of the study stated that, for the sportspersons, the mental reaction to a macro trauma injury could trigger or expose genuine psychological wellness issues like melancholy, uneasiness, confused eating, and substance use or misuse. At the point when a sportsman is harmed, a typical passionate response incorporates preparing the clinical data about the injury given by the clinical group, just as adapting sincerely to the macro trauma injury.

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Journal of Sports and Physical Education Studies

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Khan, M. M. R., Khan, M. W. R., & Basak, K. (2021). Study on Influence of Macro-trauma Injuries on the Psychology of a Sportsman. Journal of Sports and Physical Education Studies, 1(1), 05–09.



Sport psychology, Sports injuries, Sportsperson, Sport for All