Bayesian Test of Efficiency in a Two-arm Meta-analysis by the Savage-Dickey Density Ratio

Bayes factor, meta-analysis, MCMC, Savage-Dickey density ratio


  • Hamimes Ahmed
    Phd student, National Higher School of statistics and applied economics, Tipaza,Algeria, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Constantine3, Algeria
  • Benamirouche Rachid Professor, National Higher School of statistics and applied economics, Tipaza, Algeria
December 9, 2020


Meta-analysis offers a rational and useful way of dealing with a number of practices with difficulties; affects anyone trying to make sense of the search for efficiency. The relationship with the bayes factor constitutes an important tool in the detection of efficacy, through this factor we find a decision scale related to the importance of the treatment. In this contribution, the Savage-Dickey density ratio (Dickey, 1971, Dickey & Lientz, 1970) is used in the two-armed meta-analysis. The advantage of this method is the possibility of implementing the test with Monte Carlo sampling by Markov Chains.