Reasons for Delay in Governmental Construction Projects in the Municipality of Kufra, Libya

Delay, Construction projects, Contractor, Engineer, and Owner


February 20, 2023


The research aims to analyze and study the most important reasons for the delay of government construction projects within the municipality of Kufra and its various sources, and to propose solutions to avoid these reasons or reduce their impact on the project, to determine the relative importance of delay factors and to show the arrangement of factors and categories according to their importance at the time of delay. The problem studied is that many building and construction projects face delays in the implementation process within the municipality. Hence, the research question can be formulated as follows: What are the reasons for the delay in the construction project in the city of Kufra? A questionnaire was developed to interview the respondents to assess the reasons for delaying construction projects in the city of Kufra. After that, the questionnaire was distributed to (45) targeted sample who are specialists in the field of construction working in governmental, private and other institutions, including managers of project offices in a number of government sectors that own projects, site managers and engineers. (40) questionnaires that were relied upon in this study were retrieved. The analytical descriptive approach was followed to find out and evaluate the reasons for the delay in the implementation of projects within the municipality by using statistical analysis of the data collected by the electronic spreadsheet program. The analysis included arranging the various reasons according to indicators of relative importance. The analysis revealed the factors and categories most contributing to the delay.