Information Technology Infrastructure Design for Beef Supply Chain Traceability in Indonesia

Traceability, Computer-Based Information System, Supply Chain, Information Technology


September 5, 2022


The beef supply chain in Indonesia is a long and challenging (complex) chain because it involves many actors to track beef, from breeders in the form of cattle to a slice of meat consumed by consumers. The openness (transparency) of each actor involved in the supply chain can increase the safety of beef consumed, ensuring food safety. To ensure food safety, a system is needed to make it easier for consumers to trace the origin of beef. This study discusses the infrastructure design of an information technology (IT) based beef supply chain traceability system. The design is carried out with a systems approach, where system requirements are identified based on the characteristics of the supply chain. The system modelling concept uses Unified Modelling Language (UML) and Entity Relationship (ER) Diagram combined with the Computer Based Information System (CBIS) concept to design a traceability system in the beef supply chain. The study results are a conceptual design for a traceability system infrastructure that can be developed to build a web-based traceability system.