Analysis of Coal Combustion Characteristics of PT. Prolindo cipta Nusantara Sungai Loban District, Land Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan Province

Characteristics Combustion Coal TGA Activation Energy


April 14, 2022


Indonesia is one of the countries with the most significant coal mining resources globally. Its reserves are estimated at 36,3 billion tonnes. It is just that 50-85% low quality. So in this study, researchers can determine the characteristics of coal combustion and coal rank for its utilization by using a Thermogravimetry Analyzer (TGA). The method used in this study is quantitative. Wherein this quantitative method, the researcher will analyze the TGA/DTA graph, which results from laboratory testing. This quantitative method is used to obtain coal combustion characteristics by observing changes in temperature and time in the coal mass. The research results on the characteristics of coal combustion are that the calculation of the activation energy of PCN 1 coal is 9932,9 Btu/lb, and PCN 2 coal is 10270,2 Btu/lb. Based on the results of this study, it is known that PCN 1 and PCN 2 coal are included in sub-bituminous coal B, so their use is for power generation, cement production, and industrial use.