Role of Total Productive Maintenance Application for Increasing the Efficiency of Timber Processing Production

production, total productive maintenance, processing, wood, efficiency


March 5, 2022


The purpose of this research is to find out the Role of total productive maintenance application for increasing the efficiency of timber processing production. The method of research is using TPM and OEE. The highest OEE value on the Under Cut machine is 71.91%, Thicknesses = 76.93, Surface Planner = 75.06 %, Six Drill = 69.62 %, Double-end = 86.50 %, spindle Moulder 85.21%, single shaper 72.85%, and automatic Round Dowel machine = 80.63 %. If the eight machines have OEE, there are 2 machines that reach the optimum condition, namely OEE > 85 %. While others are under optimum conditions. The factors that contributed the most so that the ideal OEE value was not achieved during the period Mei-July 2020 and became the main priority for elimination by the company on the Under Cut machine were the Indling factor and Minor Stoppages Loss of 46.83%, reduced speed loss of 29.23% on the Thicknesser factor machine. The dominant ones are Idling and Minor Stoppages loss 44.63% reduced speed loss 17.12%, then meisn 40.11%, then Reduced Speed ​​71.72%.