Analysis on the Development Mode of Home Based Pension Real Estate

Aging, traditional pension, pension real estate, development mode


  • Yilun Peng
    Urban Planning and Design, School of Innovation and Design, City university of Macao, China
January 3, 2022


With the growth of the proportion of the ageing population, the problem of population ageing in China has become increasingly prominent because the implementation of family planning policy intensifies the speed of ageing development in China. The restructuring of family structure caused by social reasons, "421" and "422" have become the current family structure mode. With the vigorous development of the economy, the traditional mode and way of the traditional mode and way of providing for the aged cannot meet the spiritual and life needs of the elderly. Most of the institutions only develop the projects to provide for the aged, but not combined with the traditional way of providing for the aged in China. Based on the two-way needs of the young and the elderly, this paper combines the traditional culture with China's current national conditions and constructs the most suitable pension mode for China's traditional pension mode and Chinese people.