Data Hiding to Image Smart Phone Using AES and LSB Algorithms


  • Ei Phyu Sin Win Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology Engineering, Technological University (Kyaukse), Myanmar


Cryptography, Steganography, Security, technology, communication


In today's fast-paced world of technology, the use of smartphones or iPhones has become so widespread that communication technology has become so important. Protecting that telecommunications network has become very important. The new approach to addressing security challenges on smartphones is encryption and steganography. The user will see the practice of steganography hiding information or information in a hidden medium; For example; Picture, sound, video for most of the existing procedures with Intruders are exposed to the keys and succeed in choosing them required -bits. First, a 128-bit encryption key is generated using the AES algorithm from the cryptography algorithms. A 128-bit encrypted key is also used. Select the 128bits Image to hide the secret message again. A stego file is created using the LSB algorithm. This research study found that the combination of cryptography and steganography on smartphones makes it more secure than the other. This system uses an android studio, a USB cord, and a smartphone.


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