Analysis of User Preference Algorithm Recommendation Mechanism in News Communication

algorithm controversy news communication user preference


  • Shang Cao East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China
February 27, 2023


With the continuous improvement of algorithm technology, the field of news communication has also ushered in a transformation from traditional media to self-media, from self-media to algorithmic media, and from the center of the transmitter to the center of the recipient. The news algorithm recommendation mechanism can effectively meet the preferences and needs of users, maximize the cohesion between media and users, and ensure that the number of customers will not be lost in business operations. However, the news algorithm recommendation mechanism also has many problems of its own. This article analyzes it from the following multiple angles. First of all, starting from the theory of agenda setting in the field of news communication, it can be concluded that agenda setting under the news algorithm recommendation mechanism is partially invalid, but the mainstream media can still take on the role of replacement. Secondly, it analyzes the two aspects of information rights and privacy rights from the perspective of law and interprets the legal effect of news algorithm recommendation from two different normative paths. Finally, through sociological discussion of technology ethics, it is necessary to establish a more unified social norm to deal with various ethical crises that technology may bring.