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Vocabulary Acquisition Techniques to Learn Second Language English Speakers: A Literature Review


  • Zanyar Nathir Ghafar ESP Department, National Institute of Technology, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Akam Azad Mohamedamin Faculty of Arts, English department, Soran University, Soran, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


This review paper investigated past studies on techniques for acquiring vocabulary to learn second language English speakers. The research in this study was picked to look into and comprehend language acquisition, its meanings and related topics, its categories, vocabulary learning techniques (VLT), historical research on using VLTs in English second language education, and the connection between effective language learners and VLT usage. The deliberate use of VLS in both official and casual settings and an accidental acquisition of VLS have all been examined in previous studies. The results demonstrated that the application of techniques significantly increased the vocabulary of ESL learners, underscoring the value of vocabulary to language proficiency. Proficient language users used VLS to enhance their vocabulary acquisition. At the end of this study, many research gaps identified in prior studies were highlighted. It was found that little study had been done on ESL students' efficiency of VLS usage. There isn't much research on LLS training models, as well. Future research is anticipated to use this review as a starting point to examine the knowledge gaps identified and concentrate on the application of vocabulary learning strategies in ESL instruction, the relationship between these strategies and users of proficient languages, and the effectiveness of LLS learning algorithms that can be utilized to teach vocabulary learning techniques to ESL students.

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International Journal of Middle Eastern Research

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Ghafar, Z. N., & Mohamedamin, A. A. (2022). Vocabulary Acquisition Techniques to Learn Second Language English Speakers: A Literature Review. International Journal of Middle Eastern Research, 1(1), 17–24.



Teaching vocabulary, accidental, purposeful, contextual, Vocabulary strategies