Por Que Es Importante Español: Narratives on the Value of Spanish Foreign Language to the Cebuano Learners, Their Native Language, And Culture

Spanish language, importance, Cebuano language, Cebuano learners, Cebuano culture


December 25, 2022


This study aims to investigate the importance of the Spanish language to Cebuanos. It reveals that Spanish is significant to the Cebuano learners, their native language, and their culture. Using the reflexive thematic analysis, the researcher analyzed the gathered data, which was collected through one-on-one interviews with the participants via google meet. Results show that participants garnered skills and an edge over others in studying a foreign language. It also shows that it enriches the native language by studying a foreign language. Participants appreciate the Cebuano language even more. It also shows participants understand other cultures and the cultural influence of the Cebuano language by studying Spanish. Learning Spanish could have an impact on the lives of the Cebuanos.